a salewoman’s experience with a third hand bicycle

I put up an advertisement yesterday to sell our 3rd hand bicycle and three people messaged me to express their interest. I hope they still want it after checking its conditions! :p

next day

I couldn’t sell the bicycle:(

The first buyer was a girl with heavy makeup (her double eyelid stickers were almost falling out!). She was a lot taller than me, but couldn’t get on the bicycle because she felt that the seat was too high. And she was really smart in asking me how old the bicyle was. So I said it was more than a year old, then she asked me if I bought it second-handed. That was exceptionally smart! The worst part was that, when she hopped on the bicycle to give it a try (after I lowered the seat to “her height”) she almost fell down while turning! In the end she said the bicycle was too rusty, too hard to ride and too small… I only couldn’t agree with her last point because she asked to me adjust the seat height…

The second buyer was a heavily built guy. He saw me from a distance and must have heard the noise the bicyle was making. He mumbled that he was sorry to trouble me, and he wanted to have a bicycle with a back seat, and left in a hurry!

The last buyer didn’t even meet me. I messaged him/her saying that the bicyle was small and not suitable for guys. He/She asked me to send a photo over (I sent our Bollywood Veggies Cycling Tour photo which showed our bicycles in their best conditions in the best light), and soon replied that he/she would consider for a while, and that I could sell the bicycle to other people first…

Such a horrible selling experience!


Figure 1: I don’t understand why anyone would refuse to have such a cute bicycle!

a few days later

Today (27/8) I received another two requests to look at the bicycle.

The first buyer replied,”………” (literally…) after I told him/her that the bicycle was very small and more suitable for girls. It must be a guy then!

Then I received a call from a guy who asked me if I spoke Chinese. I thought it must be some financial consultant selling insurance policies, so I hung up very quickly. After that I realized that I heard something about bicycle! So I quickly called him back, and he said he wanted to meet me later. I hope the same experience would not repeat again!

the subsequent buyers

Since I arrived at the meeting place early, I decided to get some fruits from the supermarket. Therefore I messaged the second buyer (of the second day) that I would wait for him at the entrance of the super market.

I looked at the money in my wallet, and thought that 40 dollars would be a nice addition.

However, I received his message while I was still queuing at the cashier. He said the bicycle was too small for him! So this person must have seen my bicycle at the entrance of the supermarket and decided to reject the offer even without meeting me!

At the same time, I got another request. I made a decision, that I would park the bicycle near the supermarket for now, and if anyone was interested, they could take a look without arranging for an appointment with me. And I will pass the key to them only if they give me the money!

it is never going to end…

The buyer who took a look at the locked bicycle told me that he was very interested, and would like to try out before the actual purchase. Therefore we arranged to meet on Sunday evening (31st August) at the parking place. I waited for him patiently for five minutes, but he never turned up. I was thinking of calling him again, when he messaged me that he was already at the parking place. That was when I realized that he had looked at the wrong bicycle! Not surprisingly, when he came to see the real bicycle, he was displeased with its appearance in general and the unpleasant sound it made while being cycled. I would really love to liken our bicycle to a wild horse which could only be manoeuvred by a skilled rider such as Toni!


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