fat cat and his life

Today I visited my friend’s house , he had a huge cat named “Comel”, a Malay word for cute. Comel was 13 years old, and looked so overweight that we wondered if he could carry himself around. The most astonishing feature was his big eyes, which had a hue of light blue and refracted light like two glass balls.

He was lazy most of the time, and lied on his back when he slept. He also had six pink nipples which I thought were some tumours initially. Then I learnt that male animals, like males, have nipples too!


Figure 1: Comel lying on his back

Since my neighbourhood is full of barking dogs who always grow so excited whenever something moves, somebody passes by, or some other dog becomes excited, I came to appreciate the quiet and almost sophisticated way that Comel regarded his surroundings. He always enjoys his solitude, walks away from the crowd, and never listens to his owner unless if he feels hungry. Such a contented life!


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