discoveries on St John’s and Lazarus Island

Our first encounter with St John’s island was a bit depressing; once we landed on the jetty, we saw high fences everywhere which resembled a huge prison… Ubiquitous black cats lied below the gigantic trees, staring us with their glassy yellow eyes without blinking. We also entered a secretive marine research center where no photo taking was permitted. Huge volumes of water could be heard gushing under the ground. We met a guard who slyly suggested that we should stay behind and camp overnight (even though no camping was allowed officially), showing his yellowish black teeth when he smiled at us…


Figure 1: we found it difficult to cheer up even though the island has been transformed into a holiday camp

But everything changed once we crossed a wide concrete bridge to Lazarus island, a wild land abundant with hidden treasures and exotic species. The first thing we did was to drink from a wild coconut hidden in a pile of dead leaves. It was so sweet that we searched through the leaves and opened two more coconuts with Toni’s knife!


Figure 2: gigantic grasshoppers flew like birds in the tall grass


Figure 3: with curious eyes


Figure 4: button-like spider



Before we headed back, we relaxed on a long stretch of beach with soft “locally produced” sand.


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