Mount Lambak

We decided to hike in Kluang during Toni’s last week here in August. After facing some difficulties in getting the permit to Mount Belumut, we headed to Mount Lambak, a popular local destination for weekend excursions. We bought sweet purple dragonfruits, dumplings and fresh goat yoghurt at the foot of the hill and started our journey amongst large groups of families and friends.


Figure 1: the trail was covered with an extensive network of roots


Figure 2: there was a teahouse halfway up to the mountain


Figure 3: we saw many colorful mushrooms on the trail


Figure 4: mount lambak seen from a distance

After hiking, we wandered around the twon of Kluang.


Figure 5: we tried Kluang coffee at the railway cafe

Then we headed back to Mount Lambak to spend our night in the tent. The weather was cooling and all we could hear was the orchestra performed by different insects.


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