Mount Belumut

It was an administrative hassel to hike Belumut. When the chubby police man searched among his collection of stamps for at least two minutes and finally picked up one to sanction our hiking permit, which we obtained from another office with the help of the whole family writing the permit, printing the receipt and calling for a guide, I almost felt the same sense of achievement as having reached the peak of the mountain.

The biological diversity of Mount Belumut was really amazing, and the hiking experience was definitely worth the administrative hassel. The only human intrusion was the guide, Toni and me, which added to the mystery of the jungle.


Figure 1: the dense jungle at belumut


Figure 2: some really special insects


Figure 3: we also came across an angry and pregnant scorpion


Figure 4: as well as an agry grasshopper 🙂


Figure 5: colorful plants


Figure 6: big and small seeds

After hiking, we relaxed at the resort at the bottom of the mountain.



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