red-haired Indian

There’s a red-haired Indian in my company. Everything about him is red – red hair, red eye brow, red beard, red lips… He looked angry and a bit lonely all the time…


Figure 1: red-haired Indian

Today I was in the control room with him, so we started talking to each other. He was born in a small village in Malaysia, and all his sisters and brothers had red hair as well. “I was born this way,” he said with some defiance. He loved his village very much, and told me that it would rain the whole day in the valley. But all his siblings moved out to look for a livelihood in the big cities (KL, Singapore…) and his mom had to leave their village as well after his dad passed away. For himself, he has worked in my company for 25 years, but he wanted to go back to his village one day because his dad still had some properties there. When I talked to him, he kept playing with his handphone and would only respond to my questions after at least five seconds. After another worker came to the room, he said he wanted to get some food, and got on his feet with some difficulties because of his bloated belly. As he left the room, I had such a mixed feeling!


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