small is beautiful


Figure 1: my small and nimble bicycle in the busy traffic

After cycling for almost five months, I noticed that the benefits do not just come in terms of money saving (I could save $60 every month), but also freedom, health and happiness. Compared to waiting for the bus or being stuck in the traffic jam, cycling makes me totally free – I don’t have to worry about a late bus or peak hours – there’s always my bike waiting for me and a path to ride! I could stop at any food court to explore a new dish, or browse some books at the library after work. There’s no emission of harmful gases, only my sweat and some carbon dioxide from increased breathing. Of course there can be rainy days and hazy days, when my colleagues start to show me the advantages of their mode of transport – there’s always a shelter. But whenever they pat on my shoulder sympathetically and tell me to take a bus, I will always smile and get on my small bicycle, because some small drizzle or fog can’t stop me from pursueing my happiness! They only make me stronger.

It’s just so wonderful that all the foreign workers who cannot afford daily public transport get to enjoy the fun of cycling, while all the big bosses who have the authority to command everyone become so powerless in their cars:)


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