a long long journey

The marathon was finally over! It was such a long journey. I woke up at 3am this morning to reach orchard road at 5am, which was illuminated by all the colorful Christmas decorations. The street was crowded with thousands of runners, who took lots of selfies and talked to each other cheerfully.


Figure 1: it was almost impossible to move at the starting point

I enjoyed sunrise at east coast park, and drank plenty of water from the densely located water stations. After passing the 21km mark, my colleague and I got separated so I started running alone. I was still feeling light and relaxed, and thought the other half of the journey would be equally easy.

But the sun became glaring and the road was heated up. Many people started walking, some had to lie down on the road side to wait for first aid. I kept reminding myself to continue running.

By the time I reached 36km, my knees became extremely painful and I had to apply a lot of tiger balm which made my legs burn. Yet, there were water stations every 3km apart, volunteers holding tubes of tiger balm, cheering crowds, photographers and many other facilities on the two sides of the road, making everything as least challenging as possible.


Figure 2: my marathon picture, but it’s too expensive to purchase!

Towards the finishing line, the distance marking signs became so frequent that I felt they were doing the opposite of motivating the runners.


Figure 3: the discouraging “encouraging signs”

I felt a sense of achievement after crossing the finishing line, because I was half an hour faster than three years ago 🙂 My hiking trips with Toni must have helped me plenty!


The only sad thing is, I have a very bad sun burn now!


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