Mr Balloon brings joy to every kid

I saw Mr Balloon at the entrance of a shopping center. He had chosen a nice spot under the warm winter sun and was making a rabbit out of a pink balloon. Then he drew a smiley face on the rabbit, fixed it to a hair band and placed it inside his basket, which had many other pink smiley rabbits. There weren’t a lot of kids around, but he didn’t seem to be bothered and continued his work with a pleasant focus. He wore a huge yellow bee balloon on his own head, which produced a comic effect in contrast with his age.

Finally a little girl was attracted to the rabbits, but her parents were prepared to keep her away from the temptations. Mr Balloon smiled kindly and handed her the rabbit hairband on his hand, and asked her to put it on. The little girl looked so adorable immediately with this new ornament that her parents couldn’t bear to take it away. So they left with Mr Balloon’s rabbit balloon happily, and Mr Balloon was happy too.


Figure 1: little girl with Mr Balloon’s rabbit


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