artwalk on an artistic weekend

We spent an artistic weekend.

On Saturday we went for artwalk @ Wessex estate of Portsdown Road. I had always enjoyed jogging there because of the serene surroundings and old colonial houses. It turned out that many of them were inhabited by artists (rich people) who decided to open their studios collectively on a weekend to showcase their art pieces.


Figure 1: one of the studios

We saw artworks about nature, human body, political issues, pets, portraits, ethnic identity… At one of the houses we were even invited by the artist’s dad to drink wine. He was probably too drunk to distinguish curious visitors like us from serious customers. With little hesitation I decided to take the white wine while Toni took the red, so two wine bottles were opened for our sake. The artist was a young girl who mainly painted faces and bodies with extremely bright colors. Upon seeing our hiking boots and sweaty faces, she asked us jokingly if we “hiked” to her house, and we told her that we indeed “hiked” there from Buona Vista. The old man poured a lot of wine to our glasses so we had to stay there for a considerable time. But it was probably a mistake to accept the wine offer because another couple who also drank the wine took a “strong interest” in one of the paintings which cost $1400.


Figure 2: our hiking boots

We walked apologizingly out of the “wine house” and came upon a small digital art studio. The posters showed obama dressed like a Chinese concubine and fat American guy with Unicef t-shirt holding cheese burger. . We liked this studio in particular because we seemed to actually understand (vaguely) what the artist was trying to express.


Figure 3: an old coffee house

In the evening we went to my colleague’s house and played board games. There was a game called Ten Days in Africa where Toni and I formed a team against two other couples, but we lost twice! The second time was because I declared our victory too fast to see that the tile colors were not matching… Maybe it was a result of our random and spontaneous travel style?

On Sunday we went hiking with a friend and an Italian-Columbian diving instructor she hosted on Couchsurfing. He had tattoos all over his body and a huge scar (which looked like a shark bite) on his right arm. He traveled quite intensively over the last 15 years, and lived on the French welfare system (400 Euros a month with free health insurance) whenever he went away for holidays. Even though I admired and envied his free spirit, I also felt a tinge of sympathy for him. He only ate one prata for breakfast, got super hungry during our hike so we had to abort our hiking plan to bring him for lunch. There were also some problems with paying for the bus fare because he always couldn’t find enough coins and we had to give him ours. In the end he even paid with Malaysian coins, but Toni said, “Money is money.” 🙂

At four o’clock we watched some jazz performance at Marina Bay Sands, and our Italian-Columbian diver slept throughout the performance…


Figure 4: we sat on the floor and watched the performance through people’s butts


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