a secret food paradise series 2 – food hunting in the capital

  • eating at height

One evening we hiked to the TV tower since Toni wanted to have a bird view of Baku at the top. The guard told us that our only option was to have a buffet at the rooftop restaurant which would cost 20 monat per person. We were extremely full at that time but decided to go to the restaurant nevertheless to watch the sunset and enjoy the scenery. So the security guard called out his colleague who ushered us to walk through a long and grand corridor before stopping in front of the lift. After a few minutes, the door slid open and a waiter appeared and brought us to the topmost floor.


Figure 1: the formidable TV tower

The furnishings of the restaurant gave us a nostalgic feeling. It took us a hard time to decide where to sit so that we could see the most of Baku. To our embarrassment, it was a revolving restaurant!


It turned out that we needn’t opt for buffet. So we ordered some salad and fruits which were so finely prepared despite the cheap price. We enjoyed ourselves with the food and the view and sat for almost an hour until we turned 360 degrees back to the same place.


Figure 3: duck salad


Figure 4: fruit salad with liquor


Figure 5: happy and satisfied!


Figure 6: we enjoyed the beautiful sunset from our seat

  • a five manat meal


Figure 7: ayran is a yoghurt drink mixed with salt. I didn’t like it as much as the real yoghurt sold in the glass containers, but Toni said he felt so strong when he drank it:)


Figure 8: kebab wrap – another version of doner. Cheap and filling.

  • lunch with mud on our bodies

When we came back from the mud volcano, Toni brought me to a fanciful restaurant in town without feeling self conscious about the mud on our bodies. The friendly waiter had to smile at us and usher us to a table at the corner. He also offered me lots of wet tissue wipes to remove the mud on my arms while Toni finally decided to wash his legs in the toilet. Besides the great service, I was really impressed by the rich flavour and the exquisite way that the dishes were presented.


Figure 9: walking into the restaurant with volcano mud


Figure 10: fig compote – our favourite drink~~


Figure 11: minced meat in tomato, eggplant and pepper


Figure 12: long grain rice topped with nuts, dried fruits and meat


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